Testimonial 5

My husband and I spent a week on a Mesa golf vacation. The condo was lovely- I highly recommend— Thank you

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Testimonial 4

Firebird Housing and Angela Boggs have made being a landlord a breeze. From finding new tenants, negotiating the agreement, ensuring that all taxes and laws are in compliance to handling the day to day issues that surface, Angela and team take care of it all… and they do it with a smile and a laugh View Full →

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Testimonial 3

I am pleased to say that I have had and still have the opportunity to work with Angela and Firebird housing. I recently needed to move out of state and rent my house out, Angela came and took care of everything. I’m extremely happy with the service that I’ve been receiving and thrilled to say View Full →

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Testimonial 1

When we arrived at our place, we were so thrilled to see how nice the home was. Our property was decorated beautifully and the place was very clean.  I am excited to come back to the same home every year!

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Testimonial 2

My wife and I have been very satisfied with Firebird Housing as our Property Manager. They are keeping my home rented to good residents that enjoy calling Arizona home during the winter time! I highly recommend them.

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